Stefan Zweig – World of Yesterday

Stefan Zweig – World of YesterdayBut I knew that the fate of Europe was tied to this small country – which happened to be my home country [Austria]. If one retospectively tries to point out the mistakes of the politics after the world war – one will identify the biggest to be European as well as American politicians not carrying out [Woodrow] Wilson’s clear and simple plan, however destroying it. His idea was to give the small nations freedom and independence. But he had rightly recognized that this freedom and independence could only be sustainable if all states – large and small – were bound to a higher unity.
By not creating this superordinate union – the real, the total Union of Nations – but only implementing the other part of his program – the independence of the small states – instead of calming down, constant tension was created. Because nothing is more dangerous than the megalomania of the small. And the first act of the small states, as soon as they were created, was to intrigue against each other and to dispute over tiny regions. Poles against Teschechien, Hungarians against Romania, Bulgarians against Serbs, …

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