no eu money without eu values p.2

the eskimos have hundreds of words for snow, the finnish have kalsarikännit

1.8 trillion € – recovery fund

when you know school doesn’t prepare you enough for real live

foster trans-border musichttps://youtu.be/x9VYKrtziSg

news-company: made in austria, bought in ibiza

could have beat italy, france and spain but… ended up being marmite country

some ‘d say it’s even more precious

some say the story of EUROPA is a rape story

there are even more patriotic countries in europe

and then the hoff came to brake the window

you can’t choose your мать

in us they shoot, in france they shout

vote right, vote 4 an united europe!!!https://youtu.be/llr432WBxZE

my fave is still european amateur

she hot – but your views ‘re just too different

seems about right reading them news

recorded major battles across history… maybe the european union isn’t that bad of an idea?

coldest temperatures yet recorded in europe

no debts for health and education <3

we need a fast trans-european train networkhttps://youtu.be/zOfh7YdugzQ

how the first french atom bomb was invented

cooking schools > diplomatic schools

drink milk so your bones become strong to free your city from tyranny

spaghetti don’t kill people, burgers do

Nico Semsrott – DIE PARTEIhttps://youtu.be/9ghyGco-ok0

Nico Semsrott – DIE PARTEIhttps://youtu.be/6pxK1zUyAb0

dividing countries, ethnicities or believes should never be the future european way. bringing them together, profiting of diversity should be our secret of success.

hopefully europe puts unification before division!

still hooked after your last 🇮🇹 holiday

visualization of www.lifefromeurope.com’s content

there is a livefromeurope.com playlist now – add some !quality! european tunes from your country

Родина всегда права

some stars give light and show direction

alpha attitude aka douchebaghttps://gfycat.com/dismalcapitalbumblebee

if you don’t know where to go – always choose left

biggest recession since 1929 they say… shit time to be young they say… no jobs they say… fuck’em all and prove them wrong i say. big-up for a strong, young europe

some would say europeans are cocky

with all the chaos out there – i guess there just were not enough hearts sacrificed for a successful 2020 to happen

better don’t mess with them cunninghams or collins

Prawo i Sprawiedliwość aka the PIS(S) party

good ol’ inflationlet’s see where we’ll end up with corona measures

when did u build something from scratch the last time?

beware them lights aboverespect for all the innovation elon musk brought upon us. the revolution of the electric car or rethinking space travel. Nevertheless also innovative solutions can and should be discussed. especially if innovation starts to interfere with everyones lives, not adopting it by choice. facebook being an innovative communication platform analyzing all their users data for their commercial purposes. however at least one has the choice to use facebook, or google or microsoft. with starlink sending more than 40.000 satellites into our atmosphere, promising us fast internet all around the world – somehow we don’t have a choice whether those satellites circle our heads. with what costs and who approved or controlls those satellites. musk? the united states? and is it just internet those satellites provide? do they collect any other data? which kind of data? do they detect our cellphones, our movements? And all of this data provided by us, our habits, movements are used for commercial purposes only? analyzing the peoples habits, on a psychological level not to benefit our lives but to trick us into consumption or political decisions could reach a new level? this kind of space innovation could affect every single person on this earth. technology like this should rather be controlled and organized by an international organization, operating transnationally and making their data accessible for programmers, statisticians or biologists all around the world to be creative and innovative. i am not against innovation however i am more and more concerned of them gigantic companies having one day more power than governments overruling our democratic structures.

for when it’s cold outside we’ll need something to warm our hearts

world press freedom day<3 everyone has the right to express his opinion freely within the legal limits by word, writing, printing or by means of a graphic representation <3

happy 1st of may – the international unemployment day

no mask needed – putin protects

have you dueled somebody lately?

america prepares their military to “export some democracy” in the Mediterranean

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