Friends plate carrier took a round of 5.45 BP but held. No broken ribs but he puked all over the place.

M-a pus pe gânduri. O fi adevărat?

Lieutenant Commander Data with the history lesson..

I know wages are generally lower in Spain, but its still a joke

Is this as funny as my Finnish friend thinks it is? She says the name is funny.

Wir posten Blatt-Glasschüsseln? Gefunden in einem Second-Hand-Shop in Melbourne. Mein Pass verpflichtete mich zum Kauf.

Wer sich fragt, wie schwer das Abi in NRW ist, naja…

Fledermaus gefunden – was noch tun?

Was bedeuteten diese Zahlen auf den Flugzeugen der Luftwaffe?

Im zweiten Weltkrieg verschwand aus der bayrischen Kunstsammlung von König Ludwig I. eine antike römische Büste. – 2018 kaufte eine Frau aus Texas diese in einem Second-Hand laden für 34,99$ und lies sie untersuchen. Nächstes Jahr wird das Kunstwerk nun an Bayern zurück gegeben. (ABC News)

Posters from Danish pro-EU party (June election on leaving EU defence opt out)

RT @Levko_Stek: Went to Vugledar in Donetsk region. The Russians hit it with artillery and airstrikes. Due to the shelling, people cannot…

RT @avalaina: Ukrainian journalist Maksym Medynsky, who fought in the Armed Forces, died.
He told: I was never afraid to lose my life, I w…

RT @EuropeElects: UK (Northern Ireland regional parliament): left-wing Sinn Féin (SF-LEFT), which supports Northern Irelands reunification…

RT @EuropeElects: UK (Scotland local elections): the pro-independence SNP (G/EFA) expanded the number of council areas where it won a plura…

RT @ukraine_world: ⚡Head of Germanys Bundestag Bärbel Bas arrives in Kyiv to honor World War II victims and hold talks with Ukrainian auth…

RT @simoncoveney: Congratulations to all elected. Despite a divisive election, I hope parties can now come together amp; find a way to form a…

RT @OlenaHalushka: russians broke my body, but they will never break my spirit. Semper fidelis!

This is Hlib Stryzhko, he is a marine amp;…

Fodor Sándor, az Ungvári Nemzeti Egyetem tanára előadást tart hallgatóinak a lövészárokban üldögélve a fronton.

Age of young people leaving their parental household

Ooft. Mhairi Hunter exits Glasgow council with the perfect riposte.

Българските патриоти

January 30, 1916: Russian Tsar Nicholas ll arrives at the Dvinsk District to boost morale of his troops in the face of German counter attacks. In two and a half years, hed be executed by firing squad along with the rest of his family

RT @mhmck: The Ukrainian counter-offensive against the Russian invaders around Kharkiv is proceeding steadily.

Ive marked liberated settl…

[Neil Mackay on twitter] Time for the SNP to stop worrying about appeasing the right wing bigots and get on with being the progressive alternative to the UK

La televisione italiana non delude mai

Nem vagyok egy konteós ember, de szerintetek nem fura, hogy majdnem egy napon haltak meg és mindkettő fideszközeli maffiózó volt?

Szerintem megtaláltam az elkövetőt

Γκραφίτι του Βέγγου στην Πάτρα. Ο πιο αγαπημένος ηθοποιός όλων. Έφυγε από τη ζωή πριν από 11 χρόνια. Σαν και αυτόν κανένας.

Le temps cest de largent, et en France, on préfère le temps à largent.

why are there little showers in the toilets here?

Nu vi lægger gamle udklip op, så fandt jeg denne i AstmaAllergi-bladet.

Izrađujem nepristojne goblene kako bi ponovno oživjela tradiciju ručnog rada!

Die Inflation steigt aktuell so schnell, das sogar die Aktionsware teurer wird!

Ich bin als Spätaussiedler nach Deutschland gekommen, meine Verwandten haben mir das heute geschenkt, jetzt bin ich offiziell Deutscher =) ?

EU inflation map (Eurozone data from April, the rest of the EU – from March)

The Russian batshit propaganda of American Biolabs producing war birds was true all along! The first anti tank geese have been deployed 🦢🦢

RT @NATOpress: 🇪🇸Spanish jets guard 🇱🇹Lithuanias airspace amp; 🇫🇷 France surveillance planes scan the skies while 🇺🇸US bombers train with All…

RT @GuyRyder: Pleased to join Albanias Ambassador to @UN in Geneva, @RavesaLleshi, for her countrys ratification of @ilo Convention 190 o…

RT @avalaina: Civil journalist Iryna Danylovich has a birthday today. She disappeared in the Crimea at 29 Apr. That day FSB searched her ho…

RT @KevinRothrock: More good Christian values from Russias patriots: z-heads vandalized a pastors car in Kaluga after he was doxxed onlin…

Meet doctor of philosophy, professor Fedir Shandor, giving a lecture for his students from the Uzhgorod national university

Azov psychologist Natalia Luhovska died in Mariupol. Natalies son also fought at the front, but in 2018 his life was cut short by a sniper bullet. At the same time, she decided to finish her sons business and went to war. Bright Memory and Eternal Glory. ❤🇺🇦

Female defender of Azovstal. Photo made during heavy fighting as russians are storming plant bunkers

Wanna show some Slovak castles, which I drew for the Dračie dni festival

Man who bought ruined castle on northerly Shetland isle blames Scotlands extreme Communist government for failure of business plan.

We really are in the messed up timeline

Não é preciso um estudo, bastava ver o sub esta semana

Ich präsentiere, das am wenigsten verwirrende Diagramm der Tagesschau

keď poslanci z oľano zahlasujú proti vydaniu Fica

This new sign theyve put up in work to welcome us back in the office…

Réaction à lunion de la gauche

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace smiling at Finnish defence minister Antti Kaikkonen

Uh, må vi høste karma på vores gamle avisklip igen? Mand er træt af pis i forhold til spørgsmål om kongehuset.

Magična autobusna linija 268 i njen vozač – odvest će vas ravno u 1945.

Ein halbes Jahr Donnersdachs. Irre. Einfach irre. Liebe Leute, ich danke euch.

The solution for all these disorders is beatings. Turns out all the shoes of all the Babushkas in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is not enough for him. By Allah I have encountered cases of cancer caused by listening to Sergei Lavrovs steaming pile of dogshit.

RT @vonderleyen: We will fully support the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The right investments and the right reforms will not only help build…

RT @avalaina: Margaryta Mudryk: Natalia Lugovska, psychologist from the Azov Regiment, died in Mariupol.
Her son, a sniper with alias Barre…

RT @kamilkazani: Prediction

As May 9 is the major symbolic date for the Russian state cult of the Great Victory, it also serves as a psy…

RT @AlexKokcharov: In #Russia|n-occupied areas of #Ukraine, the occupiers are replacing road signs. They remove signs in Ukrainian (with tr…

Nem vagyok KariGeri fan, és tudom, hogy ez is csak politikai marketing, de mennyivel más világ, mint amit a Fidesz tol.

The socio-economic effects of war visualized:

RT @mhmck: Due to the successful actions of Ukrainian defenders, the enemy lost control over several settlements on the border of Mykolayi…

Hey strangers, how does my Šaltibarščiai look?

Abstimmung zur Bundesgartenschau – eine geniale Formulierung

Lets celebrate unity in Europe on #EuropeDay. But lets observe it on different days, so that people wont give it for granted. https://t.co/jXUc3ZPETI

According to an AI, this is what Ireland looks like

Apropos opslag om avis noten med guldbryllup tidligere i dag. Dette er stadig GOAT avis note! Gad godt høre historien bag..

Nu når vi har gang i avis-kommentarer, så synes jeg at denne gamle klassiker også skal frem igen i lyset

Famous car of Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, now being repaired

No issue with this of course, just find it funny that so many people seem to be making emigration posts today

We just recieved the medical bill from the birth of our second baby. So glad we live in Finland

Prije par mjeseci sam se pohvalio kako smo izdali Escape Simulator. Danas smo prešli MILIJUN prodanih kopija!

🇺🇦 Superheroes are among us.

How Putin and his Henchmen see the world.

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