beware them lights above

beware them lights aboverespect for all the innovation elon musk brought upon us. the revolution of the electric car or rethinking space travel. Nevertheless also innovative solutions can and should be discussed. especially if innovation starts to interfere with everyones lives, not adopting it by choice. facebook being an innovative communication platform analyzing all their users data for their commercial purposes. however at least one has the choice to use facebook, or google or microsoft. with starlink sending more than 40.000 satellites into our atmosphere, promising us fast internet all around the world – somehow we don’t have a choice whether those satellites circle our heads. with what costs and who approved or controlls those satellites. musk? the united states? and is it just internet those satellites provide? do they collect any other data? which kind of data? do they detect our cellphones, our movements? And all of this data provided by us, our habits, movements are used for commercial purposes only? analyzing the peoples habits, on a psychological level not to benefit our lives but to trick us into consumption or political decisions could reach a new level? this kind of space innovation could affect every single person on this earth. technology like this should rather be controlled and organized by an international organization, operating transnationally and making their data accessible for programmers, statisticians or biologists all around the world to be creative and innovative. i am not against innovation however i am more and more concerned of them gigantic companies having one day more power than governments overruling our democratic structures.

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