Ukrainian flag is back on the Snake Island

That time of year again where they pretend its just a fun bonfire and has no ill will 🙄

18 χρόνια πριν το σηκώσαμε το γαμημένο

Bin kein echter Deutscher. Muss ich die Wurst von allen 4 Seiten anbraten oder reicht es nur zwei? Mach mir als Ausländer echt Sorgen

Wikipedias example photo of the Finnish cuisine

Increase/Decrease in population among European countries

4 July 2004 – Greece beats Portugal in the UEFA Euro 2004 Final and becomes European Champion for first time in its history.

A commemorative €2 coin will be put into circulation to mark the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme

We did it boys (if needed I can translate in the comments)

Homesick or are economic times this tough? (Nightclub in Seoul, Korea, we dont sell this nor outside beverages allowed)

The prime minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, is leading the people in Helsinki pride parade. The patron of the event was the presidents first lady. (photo credit: @yukkahki)

Kadilci, ali je res potrebno metati cigarete ogorke vsepovprek?

Cafeluta de dimineața împreuna cu niște prieteni

Orbán Viktor egy ládában viszi a masszív tökét

Turkish, Italian, British and Lithuanian medics posing in publicity during NATO Exercise in 2021.

RT @ua_parliament: President of the @EU_Commission @vonderleyen during the address to the Verkhovna Rada of #Ukraine.
Thank you, Madam Pre…

RT @IvanUlisesKK: KARAKALPAKSTAN MEGATHREAD: Did Uzbekistan Avert Its Terminal Crisis?

To understand todays crisis in Karakalpakstan, one…

RT @Peter__Leonard: Uzbekistan: As a semblance of calm returns to Karakalpakstan, these are some developments one should expect, based on d…

Im just calling to inquire about the cost.

Theyre so beautiful! I want to take them home.

TSRS laikais milicija naudojo eskizus, padedančius identifikuoti įtariamųjų rasę

Transparence pour tous les produits

En der lige har glemt at få tjekket baggrunden på billedet (bemærk tekst på banneret).

Heute ganz stolz in der Gemeindezeitung präsentiert: das neue Jugendzentrum! (oben alt, unten neu!)

So heiß, da wird die Kerze zu Jabba the Hutt

Excess deaths (per capita) in Europe since the covid-19 outbreak

10 years ago, an elderly Aragonese woman botched the restauration of an old painting, giving us this masterpiece.

I landet hvor middelklassen ikke har råd til biler, har en familiefar trodset vejret for at se professionelle cykel-pendlere cykle i hovedstaden.

Ältere Menschen zeigen auf laute Dinge – Die Fortsetzung

Darf man hier parken? Ich bin komplett verwirrt.

Englishman visiting the Baltics. €8 for a salami. Madness, complete and utter madness.

Μέσος Έλληνας Χριστιανός Starter Pack

Danske version: min ven når du køber shawarma, det ultimative ego boost

Danas bi temperature trebale prelaziti 37 stupnjeva. Sjetite se svih jadnih napuštenih i divljih gradskih životinja i ostavite im na nekom zaklonjenom mjestu zdjelu s vodom. Ne samo danas, već i ostatak ljeta. Dobro će doći ne samo mačkama i psima, već i pticama, vjevericama, kunama…

Ulaskom u Euro nismo više Balkan country, čestitke svima koji slave

Ein Schild, das angibt, dass es untersagt ist, Pflanzen zu beschädigen, das eine Pflanze beschädigt.

Der lokale REWE macht das ständig, empfinde nur ich das als relativ dreist / scammy?

RT @maxfras: The new 100-ruble banknote introduced today by Russias Central Bank, featuring the Soviet Soldier Memorial, cannot be introdu…

RT @francis_scarr: 1 July in Russia is Military Veterans Day

This 1987 painting by Mikhail Uznikov, who fought for the USSR in Afghanista…

RT @ua_parliament: On July 1, within the walls of the 🇺🇦 Parliament, President @ZelenskyyUa, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of #Ukraine @r_s…

RT @r_stefanchuk: Thank you @EP_President @vonderleyen @eucopresident and everyone who did everything so that today the 🇪🇺 flag appeared in…

Macron Wakes Up, Realises Frances EU Presidency Isnt Actually Over And He Has To Spend Six More Months With Charles Michel https://t.co/FhYCy6mOAm

RT @LeChouNews: Trudeau And Sanchez Get Lost In Each Others Eyes, As Canada And Spains Leader Get Trapped In Handsome Feedback Loop https:…

Most common surnames in Spain in every area. One of these is probably your surname.

Cosa cè nella valigetta vicino alla von Der Leyen? (solo risposte errate)

Ar yra cia megstanciu cigarus? Cia as musu fabriko tabako laukuose Nikaragvoj.

r/Austria in a nutshell (zumindest die eine Hälfte davon)

How do you do fellow oppressed yuropians?

RT @EtoBuziashvili: Putins fascist philosopher Alexander Dugin wrote back in February: Who controls the Snake (island), controls the cour…

Mark Rutte Fills Out A Detailed Invoice Of All The Coffees He Bought For Fellow Leaders At #NATO Summit, No Rush, But If You Could Pay Me By The End Of The Month, That Would Be Great https://t.co/x6VCkL3nPV

RT @LeChouNews: Mark Rutte Fills Out A Detailed Invoice Of All The Coffees He Bought For Fellow Leaders At #NATO Summit, No Rush, But If Y…

If Independence is going to be a serious policy then we need to discuss the actual true Scottish borders.

HLI: Da Volkswagen sich 2002 nicht rechtzeitig um die Namensrechte des VW Touran kümmerte, bekam Familie Turan aus Hamburg 3 neue Autos sowie einen 6-stelligen Geldbetrag. 2 Jahre vorher hatte sich Herr Turan den Namen patentieren lassen.

Superior unsolved yuropian mysteries

When they ask you if you are born in a Christian Yuropean country but you dont know exactly how to explain this ….

I vote for a name change. Were metric and proud

RT @AlboMP: From climate action and energy security to trade, the future for Australia and Europe is full of opportunities that our Governm…

RT @LeChouNews: Boris Johnson Is Worried That Slovenias Robert Golob Is Vying For His Title As Prime Minister With Messiest Hair https:/…

Hit me harder Daddy Boris…wtf is wrong with these people ? 🤮

Eu a meter gasóleo a 2,20€/L 🤡🤡🤡

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