While we celebrate the heroes who took back Lyman, lets not forget the heroes who have been holding off Russian constant assault on Bakhmut and have made all the recent offensive possible.

Nostalgi – när man gick till Ica efter skolan och köpte denna för 4 kr, goda tider

Our electricity bills should be de-coupled from gas immediately

Mega-Giga-Maxi darázsfészket találtunk a mamánál a padláson, micsinájjunk?

Ето ви нещо, за да облекчите деня си на размисъл.

There are 5 towns in Ukraine named unnamed. Ukrainians, please explain.

UA liberators wish everyone a good morning from Kupiansk

AMA: jag tjänar 220kr/h med att sitta och vänta i en blöt skog och då och då gå några meter fram och tillbaka.

For once TVP did it right. Putin described as „war crimimal, leader of russian regime in official evening news.

Ugye azt mindenki tudja, hogy attól még, hogy meg van keresztelve valaki, még nem lesz automatikusan egy felekezet tagja? Ne támogassuk statisztikával a NEReszténydemokráciát, inkább valljuk magunkat jedinek, az sokkal menőbb! (és amúgy ez a kérdés nem kötelező, itt lehet viccelődni is)

Egy hete találtam ezt az út szélére kitett, didergő kismacskát… a Tanya első állatkája, jelentem jól érzi magát 🙂

r/Croatia, da i ovo je vezano za us*ane vrećice

Russian intelligence agency has allegedly seized tools used in the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines. In the press conference, they released the photos of seized tools and stated that this is indisputable evidence of western involvement in the sabotage

Nothing has changed, all of Ukrainian sovereign territories will be returned.

Recently got my Swedish ID card and I used all my newly gotten Swedish knowledge to make this

Well done the city of Aberdeen. Its amazing when you look around Scotland, just how much was built on the back of slavery.

Quali sono le vostre opinioni sullultimo discorso di Putin?

Id love to see this implemented for cycle paths and foot paths here

Just saw a horse carriage going into the Finglas tesco parking lot. Im new in Ireland is this the norm here?

Samo slabiČi dobiju depresiju – el billboard

Gleichberechtigung im Strassenverkehr

German public support for continuing to help Ukraine despite rising energy prices has increased in the last months, from 70 in July to 74 in Sept

Croatian soldier in front of a graffiti that says: God, if I die young, send me to heaven. Ive already been in hell. 1991

President Zelenskyy with an application for accession to NATO

Today is Cyprus Independence Day, marking 62 years since the Island officially left the UK🇨🇾

Open Nordstream 2 Now [X-Post from /r/NonCredibleDefense]

RT @Poutsup: Gesture of goodwill?

2nd Guards Motor RIfle Division left behind a fully functional 9P140 Multiple rocket launcher for BM-27…

RT @olya_rudenko: Yesterday, Russias missile attack on Dnipro killed a family of four: 2 children, their mother, and grandmother.

Their d…

RT @vonderleyen: Glad to be in Sofia for the opening of the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece.

This pipeline is a game-chang…

RT @EUvsDisinfo: Ahead of the obscene charade tomorrow, stay aware of the multiple repetitive disinformation narratives with which the Krem

Putins speech celebrating Russias war of aggression against Ukraine amp; the annexation of its lands was another telling example of #KremlinNewspeak. This is what he really means.
#DontBeDeceived #StandWithUkraine https://t.co/MubRxI4FOT

Even Neverland and Narnia are not recognizing the sham referenda and strongly rejects the illegal annexation of Ukraines regions. https://t.co/iKTUBzUwWw

The same people. The same aggressor. New war.

Har man kunnat utesluta att det var Harry som sprängde Nord stream?

Specialny chodbovy vykurovaci system na intraku.

This was good 4 years ago – it is still good today.

For the unionists, people on the fence and all of Scotland 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I wont debate anyone.

typical polish beer-belly grandpa Rysiek .

The best blueberry juice in the world. PERIOD!

Ganz plötzlich ist er da – der Herbst. Zeit für einen Tee.

Who wants to join EU the most? [Support for joining the EU/Most recent polling]

RT @MoscowTimes: Tens of thousands of Russians, mainly fighting-age men, have fled to neighboring countries in the days since President Vla…

RT @Denys_Shmyhal: Ukraine will soon receive the second tranche of @EIB assistance in the amount of more than €550 million. Thanked @Teresa…

Ahead of the obscene charade tomorrow, stay aware of the multiple repetitive disinformation narratives with which the Kremlin continues to justify its illegal land grabs #DontBeDeceived #SlavaUkraini

https://t.co/ZUHGo95RPt https://t.co/lIlxbvNXEK

Near the Georgia border crossing into Russia, protesters are playing the Ukrainian national anthem and trolling the Russians who are leaving. In surveys, most of you support the war. So why now are you leaving? reads the sign carried by the man draped in the Ukraine flag.

Artikel från 2009 (av Fredrik Sjöshult).

El bolsillo español tiembla, parte 2

Umm… I think aliens are stealing Bojnice.

What on earth is going in Dublin today? (Outside Heuston Station)

Κλεμμένα αρχαία (μάλλον απτα Μακρά τείχη) πεταμένα δίπλα από κατασχεμένα μηχανάκια εδώ και 9 μήνες μετά την σύλληψη των υπαίτιων

Hvad er det, som 3F gør ved sine medlemmer, og hvordan får vi dem til at stoppe?!

Der kan ingen tvivl være, om hvem der er ansvarlig for hændelserne nær Bornholm.

Endelig er det lykkedes at udvide de danske grænser

Pozdrav, nacrtala sam kralja Tomislava! Planiram nacrtati još par hrvatskih heroja i povijesnih osoba, nadam se da vam se sviđa! 😀

Thats the best take on this whole situation Ive seen so far

Got to be one of the worst things ive read

Téhéran à 10 minutes de Paris – Charlie Hebdo

Real Finnish cat. he even eats reindeer 😉

Jedan mem dnevno dok Plenki ne završi pod istragom #79

wer sind die Legenden bei euch im Ort/eurer Stadt?

Shes doing a speedrun, what an absolute madlass

Oh-oo-oh, youre in the army now

RT @Sputnik_Not: BREAKING: Amnesty chief Agnes Callamard urges Ukraine not to shoot at newly mobilized Russian troops as killing untrained…

RT @LeChouNews: Liz Truss Says That Her Economy-Wrecking Policies Are Designed To Prevent The UK From Meeting Eurozone Criteria https://t.c…

A father holds a photo of his daughter, who died in Pervomaysk, Kharkiv region, from a Russian rocket attack on September 26.

This was uploaded online with the caption: We are closer than you think.

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